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The Golden Arrow Recognition

PLCs that achieve a score of 80 points or higher are considered as top performing companies in the Philippines under the ACGS. Starting this year 2019, five (5) levels of top performance in corporate governance will be recognized based on the ACGS scores. Each ascending level will be depicted by an increasing number of golden arrows, as follows:

ACGS score of 80 to 89 points                                                                                1-arrow recognition

ACGS score of 90 to 99 points                                                                                2-arrow recognition

ACGS score of 100 to 109 points                                                                            3-arrow recognition

ACGS score of 110 to 119 points                                                                            4-arrow recognition

ACGS score of 120 to 130 points                                                                            5-arrow recognition

An upward-pointing arrow was chosen to symbolize the continuing efforts of Philippine PLCs to raise the level of compliance with the ASEAN corporate governance principles.

The foregoing system of recognition is also applied to insurance companies that are assessed under the ACGS.

Keynote Speakers

Hon. Emilio B. Aquino


Securities and Exchange Commission

Hon. George S. Ongkeko Jr.

Deputy Commissioner

Insurance Commission

Program Schedule

4:30 PM                      Registration

5:30 PM                      Invocation


5:32 PM                      National Anthem

5:34 PM                      Welcome Remarks of

                                    ICD CEO Alfredo E. Pascual, FICD


5:39 PM                      Congratulatory Address of Commissioner Dennis B. Funa

                                    to be delivered by Deputy Commissioner George S. Ongkeko Jr.


5:49 PM                      Bestowing of Plaques to Insurance Corporations


5:55 PM                      Congratulatory Address of SEC Chairman Emilio B. Aquino


6:05 PM                      Bestowing of Plaques to Publicly-Listed Companies


6:50 PM                      Giving of Tokens by CEO Alfredo E. Pascual to Keynote Speakers

6:55 PM                      Closing Address of ICD Vice Chairman Rex C. Drilon II, FICD


7:00 PM                      Dinner