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ICD is a learned society composed of more than 400 professionals from private to publicly listed corporations, Government-Owned or Controlled Corporations, family-business owned entities, non-profit organizations, foundations and SMES including directors, C-level management, executives, business owners and more practicing ethical governance.

Learn more about ICD's Membership Process and Benefits

Member Benefits
ICD Members Unique Opportunities


Be identified as a governance champion with the post-nominals recognized by the Global Network of Director Institutes around the world. 

Join members' events and build your network among outstanding peers and like-minded leaders committed to Corporate Governance.


Build on your Corporate Governance mindset as a Director. Deep dive into corporate governance best practices with courses and webinars to support your continuing education.

Access Director tools, modules, and researches that can help your own Board and Company strengthen governance practices.


Open doors and create connections with companies looking for independent directors who can create impact and results.


Give back and be engaged.

Our programs are run by Directors, for Directors.

Sign up to join program committees, develop modules, teach courses, write case studies, and share articles. There are numerous roles that you can take an active part of.

Membership Categories and Requirements
Membership Categories and Requirements


  • At least college graduate

  • Attended a cumulative 8 hours of accredited ICD courses

  • Recommendation from a Graduate Member, Regular Member, or Fellow; and, 

  • Passed due diligence


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Attend ICD's Courses and Programs!

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*New Membership Category
Corporate Membership
Corporate Membeship
  • Membership Process

    • Qualifications and Requirements

      • SEC Registration

      • Current Year’s General Information Sheet

      • Current Year’s Income Tax Return

      • Corporate Profile – Annual Report and Website if any

      • Corporate representatives must be a board member and/or a C-Level executive of the company

      • Corporate representatives must attend at least 8 hours of ICD accredited courses in the previous year to retain their membership.

    • Procedure

      • Company submits accomplished Corporate Membership Application.

      • FR conducts due diligence on the company and its proposed representatives.

      • Current sponsors, donors, and supporters of ICD may be exempted by the FC from this requirement.

      • After the company has passed due diligence, FR shall circulate the names of the proposed representatives among the Society of Fellows for their comments and/or objections.

      • If there are no negative comments or objections to the proposed corporate representatives, FR shall ask them to submit additional Information as may be required in the panel interview.

      • Succeeding procedure shall follow the same procedure as in the acceptance of experience-based regular members.

        • Panel interview may be waived by the FC in meritorious cases.

  • Tenure of Corporate Membership

    • Corporate Representatives will remain as the bonafide representatives of the corporate member as long as:

      • The company Is a corporate member in good standing,

      • The company has retained him or her as its representative, and

      • He/She has attended at least 8 hours of accredited ICD courses in the previous year.

  • Benefits:

    • Maximum of 30% discount in all courses

    • FREE attendance to a 1-day (or 8 hours) course per year

    • FREE attendance to all Fellows events

    • FREE attendance to the CG Conference

    • Attendance to the AGM

    • Will receive newsletters and summary reports

    • FREE Use of Fellows' Room

    • Can be a program committee member

    • Can be a facilitator, lecturer, assessor

  • Notes:

    • Corporate members do not have post-nominals and will be called Corporate Representatives.​

    • NO Voting rights

    • NOT included in the recommendation for Directorship

  • Corporate (Minimum of 3 representatives)

    • Annual Dues: Php 60,000

    • Plus: Php 15,000 for every additional representative over 3

Man with Digital Tablet
Application Process
Membership Checklist and Application Process
ICD Associate
Attend and accumulate 8 hours of ICD courses or webinars with certificates 
Submit requirements on the checklist
ICD conducts due diligence.
Your application will be posted to our ICD Members for the approval of Fellows Committee and the Board of Trustees
Once approved by the board, you will be notified with a Congratulatory Letter.
ICD Regular Member
Get recommendation from an ICD Member to be a Regular Member
Submit requirements on the checklist
Attend getting to know you meeting with Orientation Panel
Your application will be recommended to the Fellows Committee and the Board of Trustees
Once approved by the board, you will be notified with a Congratulatory Letter.
ICD Graduate or Fellow
Completion of the Professional Directors Program
Submit requirements on the checklist + completion of EXAM
Your application will be posted to our ICD Members
Conduct INTERVIEW to assess experience and appreciation of corporate governance principles. 
Deliberation by Panel if Fellow or Graduate
Your application will be recommended to the Fellows Committee and the Board of Trustees
Once approved by the board, you will be notified with a Congratulatory Letter.

Induction as an ICD Member

Settle the corresponding Membership Fee.

Be formally inducted and start enjoying your ICD Member Benefits.

Processing of Membership may take 30-60 days depending on category and completeness of documents.

  • Accomplished Membership Application Form
  • Most updated CV
  • High-Resolution Photo
  • List of Character References
  • Endorsement

Getting started checklist:

Laptop and Phone
Benefits and Fees
Summary of Benefits and Fees
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