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ICD Milestones
Individuals who have attended ICD courses
Companies and organizations that attended our programs, availed of exclusive training, and board consultancies
Programs and courses offered
Current ICD Members
*Publicly Listed Companies
*Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations
*Based on ICD's 2023 market share as a CG training provider

"ICD has been Avala Corporation's partner for almost a decade in its governance advocacy and has been instrumental in organizing the Ayala Group's annual Integrated Corporate Governance, Risk Management, and Sustainability Summit (previously Corporate Governance Summit and Corporate Governance and Risk Management Summit). Professionals and ever reliable, the ICD team provides all necessary support before, during and after each Summit, allowing for a smooth, worry free and high caliber event. Moreover, ICD's extensive network guarantees access to exceptional thought leaders and recognized experts as resource persons. The Ayala Group looks forward to a continued partnership with ICD in our thrust to promote and embody good corporate governance."

What's In It For You?
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World-Class and

Cutting Edge CG Content

As a global thought leader in Corporate Governance, ICD curates and provides customized in-depth and up-to-date programs composed of lectures, case studies and structured learning experiences.


Pool of Facilitators

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As the Premier Corporate Governance training provider in the Philippines, ICD ensures that our pool of topics are updated and timely in relation to the corporate landscape. Our faculty are the best subject matter experts in their respective fields and industries.

Customized and

Tailored to your Needs

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ICD will ensure that the topics are relevant and applicable to your industry, culture, and objectives. Exclusive sessions can be scheduled at a time that works for the organization and can be adjusted to meet the board's specific needs. You have freedom to choose the platform or venue of the training, whether online or face-to-face.

Learning Methodologies

ICD is a thought leader in Corporate Governance and employs the following learning methodologies:

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Poll Surveys

Panel Discussion

ICD is a member of the Global Network of Directors Institute (GNDI); has good working relations with the Stewardship Asia Center (SAC), Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Willis Towers Watson (WTW), Competent Boards (CB), the ASEAN Capital Markets Forum (ACMF), and is also accredited by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

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