Risk Management
in the Age of COVID-19

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The coronavirus crisis has raised unprecedented challenges for companies all over the world.

Key questions:

  ○ How are Philippine companies coping?  

  ○ What can boards do to meet their corporate governance responsibilities during this time?  

  ○ What best practices in crisis management should boards adopt for their companies? 

  ○ Should directors be managing or leading?


This webinar seeks to answer these and other questions to help boards navigate uncharted and turbulent waters.


This session is free.


09:00 AM - 09:05 AM

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09:55 AM - 10:00 AM

Opening Remarks, Explanation of webinar house rules, and Introduction of the Speaker

Risk Management in the Age of COVID-19

      Mr. Ricardo Nicanor Jacinto

Q&A Session

Closing Remarks and Announcements


Due to a high number of demand, ICD is offering a webinar series on Risk Management in the Age of COVID-19. If you were not able to register for the previous sessions, please watch out for the following dates:

8 May 2020, Friday | 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM (Open for ICD Members and Non-Members)

14 May 2020, Thursday | 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM (Open for ICD Members and Non-Members)


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Ricky serves as Trustee and Teaching Fellow at the Institute of Corporate Directors. He currently sits on the board of Torre Lorenzo Corporation, SBS Philippines Corporation, and Metro Retails Stores Group, Inc. Ricky's C-level experience were with Habitat for Humanity, Ayala Corporation, Bankers Trust Co., and AB Capital and Investment Corporation. He graduated with a degree in Business Economics from the University of the Philippines, and earned his MBA from Harvard Business School.


“I just want to congratulate the ICD team and Sir Ricky Jacinto for the success of the webinar this morning. I was able to attend it, from beginning to end,  and I learned a lot from it. The seminar is actually a breakthrough because it is the first-ever SEC approved virtual CG seminar since the Commission required the annual CG training for PLCs. So, Kudos! I look forward to attending more ICD Webinars and I hope everyone in the team is safe and well.”

– Securities and Exchange Commission

"Very relevant & insightful webinar. Thanks very much, Mr. Jacinto & ICD!"

“As a Graduate of the AICD and Member of the HKID, this was better than many of their offerings. The material was excellent and the interactive nature of the webinar and clear speaker really made a difference.”

"Hi! I'm a new legal officer in a GOCC. Risk management is truly an area that our company, as with every company for that matter, needs to carefully work on especially in these times. I appreciate the insights shared in this webinar. Many thanks!"

"Very insightful and helpful for decision-makers. Thank you, Mr. Nicanor Jacinto."

"Good morning everyone. I'm ...., a representative of the Corporate Governance Division of the Securities and Exchange Commission. I am happy that despite the current situation, our Institutional Training Provider, ICD, continues to educate the public through this kind of webinars. This is very helpful and we in the SEC advocates this kind of initiative."