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Anti-Money Laundering Act
Compliance in the Age of the Digital World

Participation in this course meets the recommended best practices for continuing directors education prescribed by the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC).

Given the pandemic and the rapid advancement of technology, companies are pushed into going Digital. This presents companies, organizations, and financial institutions with a new set of risks and responsibilities. The company's board is ultimately responsible for its compliance and adherence to good Corporate Governance. In times like these, YOUR board should be on top when it comes to Anti-Money Laundering Compliance.

How can fraud and money laundering risks be mitigated? What are the recent laws that companies need to comply with? How can technology enable companies to detect money laundering and fraud?  


AMLA Compliance in the Age of the Digital World

This module will give an overview on money-laundering and consequences, implications of technology and the role of the board in AML compliance. It will also present the latest laws in AML here and abroad.


Everyday across the world, thousands are victimized by fraud. In this course, we are going to help you answer the questions: What is Fraud and why worry about it, what controls can do to help. We will also provide real life examples and survey data that can help your organization to take action in mitigating fraud.


Invest in your professional development.

PHP 5,000.00

inclusive of VAT

​Discounts applicable (Only 1 discount is applicable per registration)


    5% if referred by an ICD Member

    5% Group Discount with a minimum of 5                           participants in the same company

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The platform to be used is Zoom.

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Institute of Corporate Directors

Mr. Frank D. Numann is a Fellow of the Institute of Corporate Directors and a practicing Consultant. He was the Ethics and Compliance Officer for Royal Dutch Shell who planned and implemented the Ethics and Compliance programme in some 40 countries, globally.

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Institute of Corporate Directors

Atty. Nenet Lavares is a Fellow of the Institute of Corporate Directors and currently sitting as Independent Directors of the Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. - Philippines and Prulife UK - Philippines.


She has extensive experience in chairing and membership in the following Board committees: AML, Corporate Governance, RPT, Audit, Nominations.

Aside from that, she also has extensive experience in general management and legal expertise in banking and finance, real estate, manufacturing, acquisitions, international contract negotiations, and in handling investigations vis-à-vis governance issues. An expert in negotiations with various government regulatory agencies and in conducting workshops for the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) on corporate governance and anti-money laundering; participates in the evaluation of candidates for admission to the ICD as a fellow or graduate members. 

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Institute of Corporate Directors

Mr. Alexander A. Patricio is a Fellow of the Institute of Corporate Directors and an Independent Director of the Intellicare Group of Companies, Chinatrust Banking Corp (Phils), and the Unicapital Group. He has extensive 
experience in risk management and compliance in several banking corporations.

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