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Risks and Resilience
in the World of AI

Participation in this online course meets the recommended best practices for continuing directors education prescribed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the landscape of risk management, auditing, and financial operations within organizations. This comprehensive 2-day learning session, titled "Risks and Resilience in the World of AI," will delve into the pivotal role AI plays in these domains. Expert speakers will provide valuable insights and practical knowledge in four key areas:



AI Basics for Directors





AI Use and Culture Build for Risk Management




Real-world Examples of Cybersecurity Outsourcing




Board Governance of Cyber Risk Management

  • Understand the fundamental concepts and terminology related to artificial intelligence.

  • Learn about the ethical considerations and societal impacts of AI adoption.

  • Develop strategies for effectively integrating AI initiatives into the overall business strategy

  • Explore how AI is being leveraged to enhance risk identification and mitigation strategies.

  • Understand the integration of AI in auditing processes to improve efficiency, accuracy, and compliance.

  • Discover AI-driven innovations in financial oversight that streamline operations and ensure financial integrity.

  • Examine actual cases where organizations have outsourced their cybersecurity functions.

  • Analyze the benefits and challenges associated with outsourcing cybersecurity.

  • Learn best practices and lessons learned from these real-world implementations to better inform your cybersecurity strategies.

  • Receive expert guidance on how boards can effectively oversee cyber risk management.

  • Discuss the roles and responsibilities of board members in the context of cybersecurity.

  • Gain insights into developing robust governance frameworks to manage cyber risks proactively.

  • Comprehend the transformative impact of AI on risk management, auditing, and financial oversight.

  • Identify practical AI applications and use cases that enhance organizational resilience.

  • Analyze real-world cybersecurity outsourcing examples to understand their implications.

  • Equip board members with the knowledge to govern cyber risk management effectively.

  • Risk management professionals

  • Auditors and finance officers

  • Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs)

  • Board members and senior executives

  • Cybersecurity and IT professionals

  • Compliance and regulatory officers

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Invest in your professional development.


PHP 6,000.00

inclusive of VAT

Platform: Zoom

​Discounts applicable (Only 1 discount is applicable per registration)

For Non-Members:

    5% if referred by an ICD Member

     5% Group Discount with a minimum of 5  participants in the same company

Applicable discounts for ICD Members:

    ○ 30% discount for FICD, Corporate Member Representative
    ○ 20% discount for MICD, GICD
    ○ 10% discount for AICD

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