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Sustainability Strategy
and Reporting

Licensed GRI-Certified Sustainability Professional Review Course

Participation in this course meets the recommended best practices for continuing directors education prescribed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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For Publicly-Listed Corporations seeking to produce sustainability reports fully-compliant with the world's leading standard for sustainability reporting, applying ICD's unique strategic and value-added perspective.


The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last February 2019 issued its Sustainability Reporting Guidelines to Publicly Listed Companies (PLCs) requiring all PLCs to file sustainability reports next year together with their 2020 annual reports. In its own words, the SEC aims to help PLCs "assess and manage non-financial performance across Economic, Environmental and Social aspects of their organizations and enable PLCs to measure and monitor their contributions towards achieving universal targets of sustainability, such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as well as national policies and programs such as AmBisyon Natin 2040".


Beyond complying with this new reporting requirement, however, PLCs should really ask how sustainability reporting can also better guide them in addressing the business case for proactively managing their sustainability impacts, as well as potentially provide them with a competitive advantage in their specific industry setting.


This is the only course that merges applying SEC and GRI-compliant sustainability reporting with executing competitive strategy in the Philippine context.


ICD's Sustainability Strategy and Reporting will not only comprehensively provide a complete user orientation to the world's leading standard for sustainability reporting, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, particularly with how to produce a sustainability report compliant with BOTH the GRI Standards and the SEC guidelines. Using research grounded in the Philippine setting, participants will ALSO be provided with a guided tour of how to identify their firm's business case for sustainability as well as define, develop, and execute a firm-wide sustainability strategy that will be the basis for their sustainability reports.


This is not just about learning "how to talk" sustainability but really how to "walk one's talk".


   ○ Identify and assess the business case for how one's firm should comprehensively address

      sustainability issues given its own particular industry context.

   ○ Develop and execute a firm-wide sustainability strategy that will be the basis for what 

      the PLC will report on.​

   ○ Receive an in-depth understanding of both the SEC Guidelines and GRI Standards.​

   ○ Learn how to practically produce a sustainability report that is fully-compliant with both the SEC              Guidelines and GRI Standards.

   ○ Gain a competitive edge in Sustainability Reporting Process and in integrating the SDGs into                   Sustainability Reporting.​

   ○ Be eligible to take the Certification Exam towards becoming a Certified Sustainability Professional


Sustainability advocates and practitioners are highly encouraged to attend. This course is suitable for organizations and individuals, who have the desire to acquire a better understanding of the SEC Guidelines, GRI Standards, Sustainability Strategy, SDGs, and Sustainability Professionals. These include:

Directors and officers

of reporting organizations

Sustainability or CSR practitioners,

including students and lecturers

CSOs, CSR Heads, HR Heads, Corporate Communications, Marketing, Compliance Officers and Investor Relations managers

Analysts, Auditors, Asset Managers,Consultants


Invest in your professional development.


PHP 35,000.00

inclusive of VAT

Platform: Zoom

Batch 1

Day 1 | 09 May 2024, Thursday

Day 2 | 10 May 2024, Friday

Day 3 | 13 May 2024, Monday

Day 4 | 14 May 2024, Tuesday

Day 5 | 15 May 2024, Wednesday

Day 6 | 16 May 2024, Thursday

01:00 PM - 05:00 PM (GMT + 8)

Via Zoom

Batch 2

Day 1 | 22 August 2024, Thursday

Day 2 | 23 August 2024, Friday

Day 3 | 27 August 2024, Tuesday

Day 4 | 28 August 2024, Wednesday

Day 5 | 29 August 2024, Thursday

Day 6 | 30 August 2024, Friday

01:00 PM - 05:00 PM (GMT + 8)

Via Zoom

Discounts applicable (Only 1 discount is applicable per registration)

  • 5% off if referred by an ICD Member

  • 5% group discount for 5 or more participants under the same company.

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